Getting Started

Are you new to Stampin’ Up! or maybe just new to stamping in general and you want to make sure you have the basics covered?? Here are a list of items and why I think they are great and must haves. For most people it is hard to just go out and purchase everything at once and I understand that. That is why I am giving you a list and why I love using this product, so you have the information that you need to be able to make the best choices.

Paper Trimmer

Stampin' Trimmer

This is really great because you get 2 tools in one. The dark grey is the cutter and the light grey scores your paper. This is fairly essential in any card making or paper cutting you are doing. On the bottom there is also storage to keep any extra supplies you may need (i.e. blades, bone folder, etc). The other great thing is it goes to 14 inches when you pull out the handle and there is a locking feature which is handy if you travel with your trimmer. This one has a first glance steep price tag of $30 but I can tell you it is worth it. I use mine a few times a week and have now made multiple sets of cards, invitations, and other 3D projects and it has held up like a champ.


Bone Folder

Bone Folder

This is a great easy item to ensure your lines that you score are nice and crisp. If you have pets make sure to put this piece up. Mine now has bite marks from where the cats where trying to also craft with me. This is a fun $4.00 item that can easily be added to your cart and will make your life so much easier.


Clear block D

Clear Block D

So if you want to do anything with Photopolymer stamps or save some money on the clear mount stamps you are going to need to purchase some blocks. If you can’t flat out purchase the entire set (which I do recommend because then you have everything and it makes life easier and you save some money) I would get Block D. this is my go to block and my most used block. These are nice and thick and have the ability to grasp it easily. This block will set you back $8.50 but is totally a must have for stamping.


Cleaning you Stamps

Stampin' MistStampin' Scrub

I would get these two products together. The Stampin’ Mist will condition your stamps and ensure that you can use them for a long time. The Stampin’ Scrub is able to get into all those tiny spaces and really clean your stamps with minimum effort on your part. Let’s be honest you are more focused on creating and having fun vs cleaning. Let these products do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Stampin’ Mist costs $4.50 while the Scrub will cost you $17.00


Grid Paper 

Grid Paper

Not only is this paper great as a back ground for stamping off or having something that you can get dirty while you are creating, it is also a great cushion for your photopolymer stamps to ensure you get a clean image each time. It comes with 100 sheets and I am sure if you purchase a pack it will last you for a really long time. The cost for this cool pad is $11.00

Snail Adhesive

SNAIL Adhesive

The glue that keeps everything together and is dry almost immediately. Love this stuff and could not craft without it. Use it like you do white out and just add it to your cards and any embellishments that you need. This will cost you $7.00



Stampin' Dimensionals

This is how crafters add some dimension to their products and is a fun way to give your projects a really polished look. I sometimes cut mine in half to evenly rise different products that I am working on. A pack of 300 will cost you $4.00


I hope this helps you when you are picking out things to get you started and as always if you need help please email me at