Who doesn’t enjoy being a VIP???? With that in mind I want you to know that each purchase that you make through me, I appreciate. After looking around to see what is happening on the market I decided to make this clean and simple point system.

Every 1 dollar that  you spend you get 1 point

$1= 1 point 

Easy right? No catch, no rounding, no trying to get to the next level. If you just need some adhesives and your total comes out to $10 you get 10 points.

Once you hit 250 points or spend $250 with me in a catalog year (June – June) Email me at and let me know the orders and how much was spent so I can verify.

Once you have 250 points you can choose an item up to $20 or any combination of items up to $20. I want you to get the items and rewards that you want with your rewards.

If you want to save your points you can do that too! Everything will go in 250 increments.

Make to subscribe to my newsletter because there will be times that I give double points or maybe even triple points and you will not want to miss those!

Paper Pumpkin Subscriptions do count towards your $250 total so make sure to start subscribing today!

Questions?? Email me and I will get back to you shortly.


Happy Stamping,