Quick Lots of Love

So I am getting married in a couple of weeks now and while Drew was at his bachelor party and I was grocery shopping I came across a Godiva Chocolate area in our local grocery store. I just discovered this grocery store so I hadn’t had a ton of time yet to explore it but I am so glad I did now. Drew loves Godiva and I thought this would be a sweet little treat for him. Of course I wanted it to be cutely wrapped so this is what I did. I used up some scrap sheets of paper that I had left over from all the wedding invites and used the amazing Bloomin’ Heart Thinlet to cut out the heart. This took me no time to put together but he was so excited to see it when he got home.

Life is really made up of the little things and little moments and I am so glad I came up with this idea for him.  This would be a sweet way to give any friend a small gift or just to wrap it up neatly.

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