Weekly Deals: Flower Medallion


Weekly Deals were released again today and I am so excited for all the great products that are on sale. You should really check them out and make sure to order any of the products that you want through me. But what good is a good deal if you don’t know what to do with the products right???

So from now on I will try and post a craft for at least one of the items that are on sale each week.

So for this week I decided to use the Flower Medallion Punch. I absolutely love our punches for a couple of reasons: they always punch out nicely (no frayed edges), they lay flat to store them, and they feel sturdy and like you can use them to produce a ton of things.

So I decided that I wanted to actually take a 2D flower and make it 3D


Just take and punch out 3 different flowers. Take the small circle punch to punch out the middle (you may have to cut a little bit to get the circle punch in the middle). Cut the flower so that you have 1 section, 2 section, 3 section, and 4 section. Take your bone fish and curl the flower and then glue the sections back together. Take and glue the flower petals together. Take the small circle and place a lot of glue on it and then stick your flower onto to keep it together. Get the supply list here!

I will try and get a video of this up soon so that hopefully it will make more sense.

I hope you enjoy,