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Welcome to the New Paper Gears


I have some really exciting news to share with you all. The past few months I have been a little quieter because, well life kinda took over. We bought a house and moved again (this will be the last one for a while) and then work went into over drive because this is our busy season. Anyways through this I have been really working to think about the feeling I want all of you to have when you think of Paper Gears. What words come to my mind when I think of this business.

After lots of thinking and chatting with one of my besties I finally realized that all I want for any of my customers and friends is that you feel at home. That when we create together you can relax and leave the world behind you. We are always on the go and things are always going crazy but when we take the time to create with friends or just with ourselves we find some inner peace. So when I summed this all up I realized I just wanted friends to create at their own pace. I hate when I feel rushed on a project and when I attend events with other demos or friends I go because I want to socialize.. not really because I want to have more cards.

So without further delay this is the new Paper Gears.. Creativity at your own Pace. Welcome because you are all welcomed here. I am excited for this new journey as we stroll lazily through the adventure we call life. I also welcome anyone that wants to join me in their own Stampin’ Up! journey you are welcomed with open arms.

I hope you love this new logo as much as I do and that you feel the calmness and excitement that I feel as I type out this blog post. I am so excited for this new chapter of not only my life but for the Paper Gear’s life.

Also with this new chapter I want to share with you all more of our life and the life behind me as Christina and the face of Paper Gears. Throughout my next post I will be sharing a little bit more with you all and all of my adventures because at the end of the day we want to have less perfect and more real.

Enjoy the rest of our evening.