Paper Pumpkin Remix

Another Remixed Oct 16 Paper Pumpkin

I am participating in a challenge for the next few weeks to send a card a day to someone. This is going to be a stretch for me, not that I have a shortage of wonderful people that I could send cards to but more it is trying to get everything done. I am constantly working though to become a better person and today seems to be as good as any day to make a change.. at least for me. Today happens to be my BIRTHDAY! Whoot Whoot.. So I have been thinking about what I want to do for my 26th year on Earth and I decided to make a goal list of 26 things to do this next year. I am thankful that I have so many people on board with me to help and push me towards my goals and to lift me up when I start to stumble.

So this will be my motto this year as far as working towards my goals and what I will be spending my time on. So sending a card a day as part of this challenge is a priority and I made time for it. I hope that this will start to motivate you also. If you want to see more quotes that will continue to inspire me this year check out my Pinterest page: search SU Paper Gears to find me! I am also on Instagram and document just life so I would love you to follow.

If you would love to make fun cards like these but you are short on time I would highly recommend Paper Pumpkin because I was able to put this awesome card together in about 15 minutes. You can find the link to Paper Pumpkin and to start your subscription at the top of the page.

Also if you place an order today I will share in my birthday celebration and one lucky winner will win a mystery prize!! Make sure to share with your friends and to use the November hostess code if your order is under $150. 

Have a wonderful day and I know I will,