The Busy Woman Episode 1

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If you are like me you are always on the run and sometimes our best intentions get put to the side because well life just gets in the way. Being inspired by that I am starting a new series called “The Busy Woman” and it is meant for any one that considers themselves.. well busy. This first post is all about making fun Halloween treats using the Jar of Haunts. Super quick and easy and will make sure that you stay sane on Halloween night.. or that your husband has an easy time handing out the candy. This would also be great to share with your co-workers at work, PTA meetings, book club, or wherever.


I would love to see your ideas so please share them with me! Make sure to follow me on Facebook so that you never miss a LIVE broadcasting. Also would love to know who you would love to leave a bag of treat for. Make sure to comment below.
Happy Stamping

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