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The Busy Woman Episode 2

Hello All!

So Youtube was fighting me the other day and I apologize that this a few days late but if you have liked me on Facebook you would have already seen this.

Anyways I think that creating balance in your life is so important to have and that is what I hope this new series of mine will inspire you to do. The first part of this episode is about Birch Box and what I thought about the first box that I received. I have to be honest I LOVED it! I am using this as my workout reward system each month. This benefits me in a few ways:

  1. The cost commitment is minimal.. just $10 a month
  2. I love samples and these are more than just magazine type of samples. You can use them a few times.
  3. I want to try new things… and go out of my comfort zone.
  4. The box is too cute! Love it and I can use it for other things

So here is my reward system for myself: I have to make it to the gym 20 times each month (and actually workout) and I get to keep my box for the next month. Really simple. I keep track of it in my amazing planner (Remember I do have an affiliate link for Erin Condren on my homepage so that you can get $10 off) and I use little sticker hearts to mark each day that I make it. My hope is that each month I will have lots of hearts throughout my planner.

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