During a time of Thanksgiving

This week is supposed to be about reflecting and being grateful for all the things that we have in our lives. For most of us it is a time to look forward to gather around the table and stuff ourselves with turkey or ham or maybe both.. then we go shopping to buy Christmas gifts.

Yesterday I saw that one of my sorority sisters posted that her mother passed away… I sat there shocked. My sister is about the same age as myself (mid 20’s) and she is having to deal with something that shouldn’t even be a concern yet for someone our age. We all also know that funeral’s are expensive so we are wanting to help off set that cost. So what Paper Gear’s is doing is anything that you purchase today from our online store we will donate a percentage of our sales to her mom’s funeral cost.


I just wanted to remind you too that we do have extra sales going on today only or click straight to the link here and make sure that you are shopping with me.

Also please use the hostess code:


Also in case you were curious I am a Delta Gamma sister.. so to all my DG sisters ITB.

I hope you have a blessed day,