Happy Holidays – Winter Break

Hello All!

Well Christmas is here and so is my favorite day of the year.. the winter solstice, if you want to know why it is because it means that it will finally be staying lighter longer!!! Challenges of moving to the mid-atlantic is how dark it gets and how early it is dark.

There are a few things that I wanted to bring your attention to:

Post will be minimal until probably New Year. I am taking some time to re-group, enjoy my family, and prep for 2017!! I think it is really important to take a break from everything and this will be the first time all year that we are not heading somewhere for a wedding, or trying to make an appointment, or whatever else and I can just enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I have my new class scheduled under Events at the top of the page and I hope that if you are in the Baltimore area that you will join me for a couple of these events. Their are a variety of events, days, and prices so I am sure that you can find something that will fit your budget and schedule!

Retreats are being added too!! I am super excited to have you join me for a fun Saturday filled with stamps, projects, food, fun, oh and prizes!!! Who doesn’t love prizes! Make sure to mark your calendars and pre-pay for Feb 11 and May 13! Cost of these fun retreat is $75 and it will be well worth it!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I am excited for 2017 and have so many things in store for you. Make sure to subscribe to my blog so that you never miss anything!